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We provide high quality health care services to our patients and their families. Our patient’s health and safety are the main focus of our team at Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Centre. We are committed to providing convenient medical care in a well-equipped and patient-friendly environment.

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Primary Care

We provide comprehensive clinical care. It entails providing initial contact for patients as well as ongoing care for various medical conditions both acute and chronic. It also includes health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance and counseling.

Men’s health

This includes history taking and Physical examination provided by a qualified medical practitioner.  We also manage health issues peculiar to men.


Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Center offers vaccinations- pneumovax, flu vaccines and tetanus vaccines

Minor Procedures

Sutures of lacerations, stitches removal, wart freezing/ removal, skin biopsy, Abscess I and D, Ear syringing

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Women's Health

Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Centre offers a wide varieties of medical services and counselling for women. Our service includes but not limited to history taking, physical examination, Contraceptive management, pap smears, prenatal counselling.

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Adolescent Health

“Adolescence is the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, from ages 10 to 19. It is a unique stage of human development and an important time for laying the foundations of good health” WHO

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Children’s Health

Healthcare provided to children. This includes the recommended regular child routine checkups which begins shortly after birth and lasts through the teen years.

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Elderly Health Care

We provide a range of medical services to the elderly. Our services include but not limited to management of health conditions occurring with aging, physical examinations, vaccination, health maintenance/ disease prevention.

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chronic disease management

When it comes to Chronic Disease Management, we order appropriate screening tests, checkups, long term monitoring and coordination of treatment for our patients.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care/ Care of pregnant patients up to 20 – 24 weeks with subsequent referral to the obstetrician. This includes checkups and prenatal screening tests and investigations.

New Born Care

Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Centre provides new born care starting as early as the first to second week after birth.

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Postnatal care

Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Centre provides postnatal care. This is care following delivery which also includes the 6-week postnatal visit.

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Drivers Medical Exams

Nolan RidgeCourt Medical Centre provides drivers medical exam. 

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