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What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that entails a consistent, constant sense of depression and a general lack of interest in many of the things you’ve loved. Depression can also be named psychiatric or major depressive illness.

Depression isn’t just a blues process. Depression is also a mental health condition needing long-term therapy.

What’s Depressive Symptoms?

If you’re stressed, your everyday activities can be challenging. Depression signs include:

  • Irritability, rage, annoyance with small items
  • Impatience, agitation, fear
  • Non-motivation and persistent exhaustion
  • General lack of fun and interest
  • Hopelessness, depression and emptiness
  • Bad night and sleep disorders
  • Slowed attention or cognitive deficiency
  • Weight reduction, decreased appetite or intensified cravings
  • Suicidal attempts and suicide thinking

Many people with depression will feel shame or worthlessness, and sometimes reflect on previous mistakes and self-blame. Others have unknown health issues like back or migraine.

What’s behind depression?

The trigger of depression isn’t always obvious, but there are many factors at play, such as:

  • Characteristics inherited
  • Hormone
  • Other brain/brain chemistry adjustments

Any life experiences will start a depressive episode. Other contributing factors for depression include chronic disability and chronic discomfort, poor self-esteem, drug misuse, and other mental health problems background.

What’s Depressive Treatment?

Dr. Ejeckam creates a customized recovery strategy following assessment. To treat depression, Dr. Ejeckam can recommend:

  • Consultancy
  • Anti-anxiety medications, opioids and stimulants
  • Lifestyle improvements, including daily exercise, tension control and balanced nutrient-dense diet

A multi-faceted strategy including several therapies is also the safest way to manage depression. Medicines and behavioral improvements will in many instances, have a significant beneficial effect on general health.

Dr. Ejeckam is here to support you on your path to battle depression and boost overall wellbeing and satisfaction. Contact or easily book your personal appointment online today.

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